Corporate Conclave

In today's business minded world everyone is keen to climb up the ladders of success. In a vast Corporate Sea only a few are able to carve a niche for themselves. We at Woodsvilla offer opportunities for Corporates to learn the nuances of the trait so that they can excel with excellence and become the leaders.

We at Woodsvilla organize camps to build and enhance the qualities required to achieve success.


We try to incorporate in the culture of teamwork because we believe that groups solve problems more effectively than individuals.


We conduct leadership workshops through renowned trainers. The environment at Woodsvilla is most conducive to learning, thus leadership training through adventure activities and games.


Dissemination of roles and power within the team is equally important to avoid duplication of effort and promote collaboration.

We design programs through which great results are achieved raising personal capabilities of the participants.


A challenge well accepted and a task and successfully attempted paves the path to success for a Corporate.

We at Woodsvilla plan activities to encourage personnel towards appropriate planning, willingness to take risk, openness to change and innovation and a positive attitude to complete a task.

We strive to carve a great bonding and respect for each other to strengthen the team so that sky can be touched.

Adventure Activities

At Woodsvilla, we organize special group activities for Corporates that are very effective in increasing bonding amongst team members. These include a range of activities like: Rock climbing, Rappelling, Traverse, River Crossing and trekking.

We provide various training programs, which can be customized for every group.

Contact us for personalized itinerary.

Cost: It will be based on the package chose