In & Around

Ranikhet is 6000 feet above the sea level. Spread across 1829 meters of land covering the panoramic view of almost 80 peaks of the Himalayas-ranging from the Bhagirathi peak in the west to Nanda Kot in the east.

The Himalayas shine gloriously in the sun, their beauty basks in the twilight and their innocence romances with the winds. The valley bear a clean virginal look at the dawn as numerous waterfalls gush downwards to form gurgling streams. The intoxicating scent of pine filled in the air leaves one mesmerized in the celestial beauty of the place. Ranikhet can be described as the ‘land of God’.

One who visits this heaven on earth comes back again and again to embrace pines and deodars, to kiss snow peaked mountains, to stretch arms parallel to crystal clear sky and to achieve solace.